Haxe 3.2 released (0)

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haxe logo It has been almost a year, but this week the Haxe Foundation released a massive new version of the Haxe Cross-platform Toolkit: Haxe 3.2! I’m using Haxe for almost 2 year on daily basis, I’m really enjoying using it. There are some of the new features I’d like to highlight.

Try Haxe today (0)

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I did some contributions to http://try.haxe.org/ lately. This is a nice tool that allows you to write, compile, test and share Haxe code online. It runs the latest release version of Haxe.

Create JSFL using Haxe (0)

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JSFL If you write a lot of JSFL scripts, it could be useful to have good code-completion. FlashDevelop has great Haxe support, and Haxe can compile to Javascript. JSFL is Javascript, so we can simply conclude you can create JSFL with Haxe out of the box, and have code completion on it.