Fun – Fur engine


I was working on a fur engine for images just for fun, inspired by a post on Andre Michelle’s blog. Yes, his engine looks better, but with mines you can create your own images. This is a funny way to create more detailed images. I’m happy with the application I created.

Since today you can see and use it.

The idea is very simple; Add a link to an image (jpg/png/gif) and the engine will create a furry image for you 🙂 It automatically saves your hairy image, so you can send it to your friends or set it as desktop.

More info: Fur generator

Have fun! Please share your hairy images (but keep it clean please)

3 responses to “Fun – Fur engine”

  1. Awesome stuff. Is this free game for designing?

  2. Circstar says:

    This is really awesome, fairly simple in terms of the result but I assume it took some time to create the algorithm. Congrats on a nifty little program. Good work.

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