Passed 100.000 views on flickr!

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Since I have a PRO account at, I have nice stats.
Today I’ve reached 100.000 hits!!

Some history
This was my first image on flickr, still a little bit proud of it.
And.. this image provides the most hits:

Google logo render - Mark Knol

The first image was uploaded on March 26, 2008. Today it is May 16, 2009, Lets say one year later. I never imagined I would have that many hits, just with images..? 😮 I mean, this website+blog doesn’t reach that amount. I know some factors that could help reach a lot of hits and/or people. I love to share that with you, because it has some interesting facts.

1. Use groups
Groups help you to spread your images. It’s not only useful to submit your images to the groups, but it is also a great place to find cool/related images that you like too. I joint a lot of groups, mostly to explore and find generative arts, fractal images and new digital artworks. Some groups put the images from the group upon their or different websites. Every body can put images from a group or from yourself or from another person on his website (it could depends on the image-rights and it should link back). I found some groups which have successful websites, so I guess that would help too. Imagine when I post an image to a group it appears on multiple websites 😛 O, how I love social networks.

2. Love your contacts
I have found a lot of people who liked my art. They hitted the favorite button or they post comments. I really like that, I read them all 😀 Sometimes people even ask some questions about the art with a PM. I add all those people to my contact list, just because I love them and I can follow their works too. There are a lot of talented people on flickr and I like to be connected with people who like flash and create generative arts too. I like to comment and explore new works from others too, it is mostly very inspiring. It is handy to have a netwerk in your social netwerk, right?

3. Enjoy being linked
The internet is full of images that are copy/pasted from other sites. Flickr is a great place to find images and put it on your site/webblog. Well, people do this with your images too. Just be proud, and enjoy seeing your images on different websites. In your stats you can see which sites have linked your works. Especially the Google logo render is a big hit on blogs with posts about our big friend.

Funny sidestory;  As you already know; my name is mark knol. There are a lot of posts about Google Knol on the internet (the Google wikipedia thing). Some who use the Google logo render thinks it is funny my name is the same as the Google service and the image is the Google logo 🙂 LOL

4. Keep making images
I guess it is also important to create a lot of great images and become better. You can drop experiments in your account too and ask other members for their opinion. A social netwerk should be social, right? So let us keep posting and creating new creative things too.

Well, that’s it. Keep on rocking. Thanks guys.

Just one response to “Passed 100.000 views on flickr!”

  1. Simon Page says:

    Nice one Mark,

    I am hitting 173,000 on my flickr account having only started it up about 5 months ago. I put this down to
    1. Creating something like a series which invokes interest in the next one for viewers.
    2. Getting your images linked on other sites (I have a macro lego robot image which hit stumbledupon and digg and produced a couple of thousand hits).
    3. Keep a good flow of designs which you sumbit to groups.
    4. Use keywords and titles effectively – on days when I don’t sumbit work this for me still gets me 1,800 hits a day.
    5. Obviously create the best designs you can – good designs will always bring you traffic eventually.

    Keep up the cool work!

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