Generative art – Tentacles

Generative art

I’ve experimented with some tentacle/swirls. Every tentacle starts in the center and becomes smaller every time. I love it’s design; It looks like it is done with illustrator or something 🙂 but maybe a little bit more complex. I used fresh colors to make it look very trendy. The flowers and random letters are also generatively created.



All tentacle experiments can be found here.

4 responses to “Generative art – Tentacles”

  1. Lawrie says:

    These are really nice Mark, I especially like the top one – great colours and curves. I’ve been doing some tentacle style flash art myself – what do you think of them?

  2. Mark Knol says:

    @lawrie; thanks! looks cool, that kind of pattern do you use?

  3. Hi Mark,

    These are great. Vary Natzke-esque. Any chance of posting the source code, or at least a stripped down demo file?

  4. Very nice! Excellent color. Kudos.

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