Hyper cache – cache and compression


Hyper cache pluginI installed the ‘Hyper cache‘-plugin yesterday. It minifies my output-html and posts are saved as static files on the server and the plugin enables gzip-compression. It automatically clears cache and starts over after one day. I don’t like to promote shit, but this plugin rocks! 😀

Minifiy html profit

Homepage index before:45,5 Kb
Homepage index after:44,7 Kb
Total:0.8 Kb

Well, this doesn’t change the world. But check this out:

G-zip compression profit

Documents (2 files)18 KB (49 KB uncompressed)
Images (44 files)124 KB
Scripts (6 files)35 KB (112 KB uncompressed)
Style Sheets (1 file)3 KB (21 KB uncompressed)
Total:180 KB (305 KB uncompressed)

Do you see? My content is 305 KB without compression. Now it is served as 180 KB! 😉 Anyway; G-zip compression is very good if you need to safe bandwidth, but don’t forget you have some higher server load. I guess it also uses some more CPU at the client side. If you want to learn more about g-zip compression, it is already better explained on betterExplained.com.

Sending compressed data is very interesting. I think the world would be better place if every wordpress-installation has a cache plugin. 🙂

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