Generative art: Eagle

Generative art

I love eagles, they look very strong and powerful. This one is created with actionscript (flash). I edited the composition with photoshop to add the text and changed contrast. The lines and letters are created generatively, using mouse gestures and random movements. I have worked hard to create this image, it is full with details, full of lines. Hope you like it.

eagle.detail.01 eagle.detail.02

Full composition size: 10.000 x 7500 px

6 responses to “Generative art: Eagle”

  1. Antheor says:

    Trully inspired and perfectly crafted, for a magnificent result.
    You’re a genius artist.

  2. Hi Mark, I’d like to know something: Do you use the animal photography as base of the generative art?

  3. Mark Knol says:

    @Antheor : Thanks!
    @Andre: Yes I used animal photography as input for the arts. I edited them before I used it, changed background, cropped them, make them at nice size and correct some colors.

  4. That’s pretty cool, would you make a tutorial on how to achieve this results with other images or can you share the code you used?

  5. Antheor says:

    Maybe you could help : I discovered generative art with Context Free, a wonderful software that I use to do some some figures, yet quite simplistic compare to your art. I learned Context Free grammar by downloading very simple samples from the gallery and ‘playing’ with them.
    Do you think I can use the same approach to discover and have fun with as3 and very simple generative art ?
    Thx for any hints (infos or links…:)

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