getBounds for TextFields = getBitmapBounds()

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Code snippetI found out the getBounds()-function gives not exactly the right rectangle with a TextField. It always matches the border bounds, even if the borders are invisible. So I’ve created a more accurate function using getColorBoundsRect().

Click on the words. Switch between getRect() and getTextFieldBounds() by clicking on the buttons below to see the difference.

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2 responses to “getBounds for TextFields = getBitmapBounds()”

  1. luuk says:

    Hi Mark, getBounds gets inherited from DisplayObject, so it can be expected it returns the border bounds, the methods wasn’t designed for text.

    Although your solutions seems to produce a fine result, it is kind of overengineered converting the textfield to a bitmapdata object. Have you tried looking into TextLineMetrics? (

    That in combination with numLines, getLineText and getCharBounds suffices to get al the info you need to find the exact borders ๐Ÿ™‚

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