Updated design – Cleaner and less ads


What a nice title! I have updated my blog design. No, there are no shocking new features, just a more fresh and more cleaner design. Yes, it is still black and in the ‘stroep’-style, but I think it is really a little bit better. I think it is important too keep improving, so I hope you like it. I added some nice icons in the sidebar and jQuery rollovers. I have added rounded corners (only shown in modern browsers) and I really think it makes the site more friendly, which should be a good thing 😉

For all guys who use IE6, I have added a nice message for you. You cannot see my site anymore. It’s not a personal thing, but I really think this year we should all ban old crappy browsers. It would not take long till I show this message for IE7 too and some other out-dated browsers too. Let us update and enjoy fast modern browsing with new possibilities.

I have removed more Google ads from the blog. There were some ads between the posts and on the post-page. Now I have only 1 banner at the bottom of the sidebar. Yes; I have 2000 unique visitors in a month and no; I don’t earn a lot money with it, so basically the ads are useless. I dislike banners too, but still I hope to have a big hit one day and my ad is ready to be clicked (kidding) For real; one day I had the illusion I could be rich by placing these ads on my blog. But I’ve realized most people on my blog are looking for products, but looking for sources and inspiration. This site doesn’t target banner-clicking-people. I hope you are happy with it.

2 responses to “Updated design – Cleaner and less ads”

  1. Mark Knol says:

    O forgotten: One new thing is the lab, which is currently very empty and basic..

  2. Koen says:

    Hey Mark zoals beloofd even een bezoekje aan jou site.

    en ik meen het serieus, ik vind het echt super vet wat je doet.
    Mooie designs etc etc etc.

    Ik weet waar ik mijn posters moet halen als ik een eigen huis heb 😉

    groetjes en ik zie je dinsdag!


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