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Finally I have created and finalized my Actionscript 3 Event Generator, which was buggy but now it is very nice ๐Ÿ™‚ As stated on twitter, if you are a flashdeveloper and use custom events in actionscript 3, you should use this tool because it helps you create custom event classes very fast.

– Fast variable adding
– Event type generation (static constants). Just use lower camelCased variables and they will be formatted nicely.
– Meta data for a event dispatcher class.
– Automatic clone() function
– Automatic toString() function


Don’t forget to first fill your name at @author on the right. The package and @author will be saved for next time.

I have also created a dropdown-menu on the top-right to switch to other tools. Happy coding!

2 responses to “Actionscript 3 Event Generator”

  1. Luuk says:

    Hi Mark, do you prefer custom events over signals? (
    i havent made a custom event since i found out about signals…

  2. Mark Knol says:

    @Luuk; Yes, I have used signals in some personal projects, I really like the concept and it works very nice. But when you working at a team, everybody should use implement signals, so that would be a challenge. So for that reason I dropped using as3-signals for now.

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