Handy Flash IDE tool: Name it right.jsfl


I have created a JSFL script for those who are using the Flash IDE a lot. Renaming movieclips over a timeline with motion-tweens cost a lot of time. Assigning and replacing classes to a certain movieclip could also be done faster, and mostly name of the symbol relates to the names on stage. I have created a 3-step wizard called ‘name it right!’, to speed up your everyday workflow. This command helps you to update a layer name, base class, symbol name and instances on the timeline very fast.

Download/Save the .jsfl file directly:
» Name it right.jsfl

To indicate what happens when you run the command/script:

First select an instance on stage. Go to ‘Commands’ > ‘Name it right!’.
You’ll get these three questions.

  • 1/3 Rename library symbol name?
    • Enter the new symbol name in the prompt.
    • When you have selected ‘Export voor ActionScript’, it will automatically fill the ‘Class’ according this convention: ‘fileName.SymbolName’.
  • 2/3 The library symbol already has a base class, change it?
    • Enter the new base class in the prompt.
    • If there is no base class defined, it will turn on ‘Export voor ActionScript’ and fill ‘Class’ as mentioned above.
  • 3/3 Rename instance name across timeline?
    • This renames a movieclip instance on the complete timeline. It does not matter if there is a motion-tween on it. You only need to insure there is only one clip on that layer. Otherwise it will give you a note.
    • It will give you a name suggestion based on you Symbol name, like ‘mcSymbolname’
  • Cancel means: do nothing.

    Install / use the JSFL script

    To get it inside the Flash IDE under ‘Commands’, copy the .jsfl file to:

    Windows 7
    C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CS5 or CS5.5\en_US\Configuration\Commands

    Windows Vista:
    C:\Users\{username}\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Flash CS5 or CS5.5\en_US\Configuration\Commands

    Windows XP:
    C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Flash CS5 or CS5.5\en_US\Configuration\Commands

    Mac OS X:
    C:/Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash CS5 or CS5.5/en_US/Configuration/Commands

    Run it by clicking the ‘Name it right!’ under ‘Commands’.

    You could assign a key-combination under ‘Edit’ > ‘Keyboard shortcuts’ and then expand the ‘commands’-folder. I used CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-W for it.

    Hope you could use it, post your feedback/suggestions below.

    Find all my JSFL tools on Github.

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