Generative art: Garden

Generative art

garden.02 It’s been a while, but I got some new inspiration to create some new images. Generative arts keeps triggering me, so I started with a fresh new engine. It’s the same engine as I used for the faces of the previous two posts.

I’ve coded some straight-forward ribbons, no additional lines or shapes and stuff this time. I’ve created two pieces of art in the same style, I’ve used a nice colors an image of a garden. It’s created using actionscript (flash). Because it’s created using mouse gestures, it took a some time to fill the details.


Here are some detail shots, I find it really nice to have such level of details.

The full composition size is 8000×6000, so it is available for print. Hope you like it.

2 responses to “Generative art: Garden”

  1. Koen Knol says:

    Very nice!! 🙂

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