A guide to Haxe Flambe


If you want to create games for the web, give Flambe a try. I wrote some documentation for Flambe to help you getting started. Check it out here.
Flambe is a fast, expressive, and cross-platform engine for Flash and HTML5 games. Flambe renders very well to both Flash and HTML5. For Flash it is using Stage3d, for HTML it draws on WebGL with canvas as fallback for mobile. You can still use Flash to create animations, these can be converted using Flump. This is a tool to suck the sprites+animations out of Flash. Flambe has nice integration of Flump exported animation.

I have covered lots of topics, which are Flambe specific but also Haxe related.

Flambe’s core: Entity-Components
Tweening/Working with values
Signal Event System
User Interaction
Scenes & Transitions
Working with assets
Preloading assets
Working with images
Working with sound
Working with text
Configuration files
Live asset reloading
Publish your game
Customizing the embed page
Conditional compilation
Classes Types Casting in Haxe
Overdraw visualizer
Known issues limitations
More Flambe
Plugins, tools, external stuff

..and more

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