.. displays console logs and javascript errors in a div on top of your site. Useful for mobile webdevelopment. It is enabled very fast. Works on every device and should work in every browser.

I found debugging is a bit hard on mobile devices since there is no magic button in mobile browser to see the console logs or javascript errors. Adobe Edge Inspect is not available for every browser and other remote debugging tools are also great but takes some time to setup or are not accurate. You just want to log and see what that browser on that device says.

What does it do?

It overwrites console.log,, console.debug, console.error and window.onerror and displays the input in a newly created div on top of your site.

How to use?

Add this piece of code somewhere in your html-page. In the <head> before other <script> tags is probably the best place. Save document, refresh browser.

<script src=””></script>


» console-log-viewer.js on github

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