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duplicate symbolWorking fast and productive is the best thing you can offer your boss 🙂 But to work fast, you need to take shortcuts. That’s why I love to share this tool with you.

Ever wanted to duplicate a symbol timeline with all of its instances? In Flash, if you do a duplicate of a library item, it does not offer to duplicate its children too, you have to do it manually. Another annoying thing; it does not copy the class references. That’s why I created a tool that does it all. It asks you to give a pre- or postfix for the new names, or you can choose to replace parts of the names.

How to:
Lets say you have a button called RedButton with a RedButtonLabel and a RedButtonBackground and a ButtonArrowIcon as children. You want to create a orange button, which should have the same timeline as the red button, but with another text and maybe another background. (normally, you have to swap them by hand)

Select RedButton in the library. Open the duplicate tool from the commands-menu, add Red in the left ‘replace values’ field and Orange in the right field next to it. Check all instances with Red in the name, and press Ok.

You will see a few new instances in your library. You don’t have to swap instances in the new timelines, they are already swapped over all timelines! Enjoy the new button.

» Download : Duplicate advanced.JSFL

Duplicate library item with all children

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3 responses to “Flash productivity tools : advanced library symbol duplicate”

  1. André says:

    One error appears:

    Line 248
    if(localConfigURI.charAt(localConfigURI.length – 1) != “/”)
    localConfigURI = localConfigURI + “/”;

    SyntaxError: illegal character ;

    I´m using Flash CC version.

  2. Vitalii says:

    if (localConfigURI.charAt(localConfigURI.length – 1) != “/”) localConfigURI = localConfigURI + “/”;

    must be:
    if (localConfigURI.charAt(localConfigURI.length – 1) != “/”) localConfigURI = localConfigURI + “/”;

    it is the new problem after that:
    Line 252:
    Creation of Dialog Box Control Failed

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