Create JSFL using Haxe

Haxe, JSFL

JSFL If you write a lot of JSFL scripts, it could be useful to have good code-completion. FlashDevelop has great Haxe support, and Haxe can compile to Javascript. JSFL is Javascript, so we can simply conclude you can create JSFL with Haxe out of the box, and have code completion on it.

I created a Project Template for FlashDevelop, check it out:

1. Install Haxe and FlashDevelop
2. Install this Haxe JSFL Project Template
3. Create new “JSFL Haxe Project” in FlashDevelop
3. Enjoy!

JSFL is short for JavaScript Flash. JSFL is the scripting language for the Flash IDE. Just give it a try.

All Haxe Extern classes came from this this Github repository (MIT license).

Find all my JSFL tools on Github.

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