Haxe 3.2 released


haxe logo It has been almost a year, but these week the Haxe Foundation released a massive new version of the Haxe Cross-platform Toolkit: Haxe 3.2
These are some of the new features I’d like to highlight:

  • Introduction of a new compiler target: Python
  • Added static analyzer with constant propagation. This leads to even more smaller and cleaner code! use -D analyzer to activate it
  • Highly optimized haxe.ds.StringMap
  • Added @:jsRequire and js.Lib.require for Javascript
  • Allowed @:native on class fields. This allows to create nicer extern classes (definition files)
  • Improved documentation generation
  • Better auto-completion because of several updates the display-mode
  • Improvements on pattern matching, abstract classes, macros, generics, casting and type checking.
  • .. and much more optimizations and improvements! See full changelist here

You can already start playing with the Python target in the latest FlashDevelop.

Beside these compiler / language changes, the Haxe related website has gotten some very welcome face-lifts:

Haxe has become a solid language/toolkit for developers. Today it has more than 11.000+ commits on Github from a high skilled team with 70 contributors. This release again demonstrates the power and potential of a language that serves as the solution for cross-platform development.

I’m using Haxe for almost 2 year on daily basis, I’m really enjoying using it. It’s open-source, free and complete to do whatever you want on whatever platform 🙂

» Download Haxe 3.2: http://haxe.org/download/

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