Author Mark Knol
Location The Netherlands
Contact mark.knol [@at] gmail.com


Over the past decade, Mark has produced and contributed to hundreds of open source projects, including notable contributions for the Haxe community. He has produced wide variety of generative arts and ranked in the top 20 artists on hicetnunc, a art community on Tezos. He created international projects, games and work for Google, Red Bull, Amazon, Pandora, Netflix, McLaren and many more brands during his career at Media.Monks.

Where can you buy art of Mark Knol?

  • You can buy art as NFTs at objkt.com with Tezos
  • You can buy generative art as NFTs at fxhash.xyz
  • You can buy exclusive prints at curioos 
  • You can buy merch (shirts/stickers/cups) of smolskulls at redbubble

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