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Lights and shadows experiment (6)

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Recently I found an interesting question on, about creating light and shadows in a 2D environment. I started experimenting with this to see how far I could take it. I love to share the results and some insides about this fun project.

Design pattern – Behaviors (7)

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Design pattern - BehaviorsI recently started working at MediaMonks where they are using this interesting pattern of coding; behaviors as a class. I started playing with ‘behaviors’ myself to see how this could work for me. If you use this pattern once, you’ll wonder why you did not use it ever before 😉 This post will lead you through some examples and shows some benefits of using it.

Actionscript 3 Extended valueobject generator (0)

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I created a tool to created ‘grouped’ value objects nicely and very fast. It is using private classes. I found it useful enough to share it with you, so maybe if you are in need of such a tool, you are free to use it.

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The new graphics.lineTo (5)

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Most flashcoders knows you can draw lines using graphics.lineTo. There is another way of drawing lines in actionscript, using the graphics.drawPath and graphics.drawGraphicsData function. Let’s take a look at it.

Optimized loops (12)

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Optimized loopsEvery one should write code that performs well. Do you use loops in your code? This is a simple trick everyone could apply to his loops.