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Haxe Code Cookbook (0)

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haxeWe have been working on a new website which went live today: the Haxe Code Cookbook. It has categorized code snippets with additional explanations; small code tutorials and examples in a central place.

The Haxe Code Cookbook can be found here:

Meet HaxeDevelop (0)

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HaxeDevelopThe FlashDevelop Team and the Haxe Foundation have joined forces to release a Haxe-specific version of FlashDevelop: HaxeDevelop. HaxeDevelop offers first class support for Haxe development: great and fast code completion & code generation, refactoring, projects compilation, debugging, plenty of project templates, etc.

HaxeDevelop can be downloaded here: (free + open source)

Bitwise operations made easy with Haxe (6)

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haxeThis blogpost is about making bitwise operations in Haxe more easy. If you like doing micro optimization in your code, you probably want to use bitwise operations. But I found the main problem about bitwise operations is that they are hard to read.

Tricky Titans (0)

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I’m really proud of our latest Google ChromeCast game: Tricky Titans.
It is a turn-based local multiplayer game in which you and up to four of your friends are pit against one another until a victor is decided.

Haxe 3.2 released (0)

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haxe logo It has been almost a year, but this week the Haxe Foundation released a massive new version of the Haxe Cross-platform Toolkit: Haxe 3.2! I’m using Haxe for almost 2 year on daily basis, I’m really enjoying using it. There are some of the new features I’d like to highlight.

Try Haxe today (0)

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I did some contributions to lately. This is a nice tool that allows you to write, compile, test and share Haxe code online. It runs the latest release version of Haxe.