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Easing equation test tool (0)

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ease function tool I made a tool to write/test easing equation functions. It uses JavaScript syntax to evaluate the expression, which you can just type in. I found it helpful to test curves. I rolled out this one because I didn’t found a similar tool, most were Math or CSS related.

console-log-viewer.js (0)

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console-log-viewer.js displays console logs and javascript errors in a div on top of your site. Useful for mobile webdevelopment. It is enabled in 5 seconds. Works on every device, every browser.

Javascript for AS3 developers (11)

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This article is some training for your JavaScript skills. I love Actionscript , and I am also starting to like JavaScript. HTML5 is an hot topic nowadays, and it seems using JavaScript is an important part of it, so why not learn more of it?

AS3 ValueObject generator – update (0)

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– simple autocompletion for types
– added function for getters/setters
– added function to pass variable in constructor
– save function
– prefix for constructor parameters
– automatic class imports
– added extends function
– some performance tweaks