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Create JSFL using Haxe (0)

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JSFL If you write a lot of JSFL scripts, it could be useful to have good code-completion. FlashDevelop has great Haxe support, and Haxe can compile to Javascript. JSFL is Javascript, so we can simply conclude you can create JSFL with Haxe out of the box, and have code completion on it.

Flash productivity tools: Random instance swapper (0)

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random instance swapWhile approaching the deadline of House of Anubis (game), MediaMonks needed a tool that helps with randomizing tiles. The levels has a huge amount of walls and tiles in it’s library, since it is build in Flash with MovieClips on stage. For the quick win, this simple tool allowed to randomize selected clips on stage with a selection from our library. Of course; to refine it, you’ll need more than just a MovieClip swapping tool, but we love to share this tool with you anyway in case you need it.

Flash productivity tools: Transform selection manager (1)

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selection transform manager When you have a selection with multiple MovieClips, you sometimes want to transform (rotate, skew, move, scale) them all, but individually. By default, Flash will transform them like it is one object. I created a tool for that. Just select some items on stage, call the command and set the adjustments. It is also possible to transform them relative from its current transformation.

Flash productivity tools: Organize layers (0)

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autorenamelayer-explanation This tool automatically renames layers and cleans empty layers. This tool should be used as neurotic as you would use the save-button, and you will have perfectly named layers. We have included a free nazi-tool which detects if you’re using txt or mc as prefix for your instance names, according our MediaMonks coding standards.

Flash productivity tools : advanced library symbol duplicate (3)

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duplicate symbol Ever wanted to duplicate a symbol timeline with all of its instances? In Flash, if you do a duplicate of a library item, it does not offer to duplicate its children too, you have to do it manually. Another annoying thing; it does not copy the class references. That’s why I created a tool that does it all. It asks you to give a pre- or postfix for the new names, or you can choose to replace parts of the names.

Flash productivity tools: Name it right (4)

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flash commandshis tool is made to easily assign or change the class of a MovieClip, and uses our naming standards for the linkage names (which is filename dot SymbolName). It also gives you the option to change the instance name over the full timeline and fixes the layer name. The tool has a class-dropdown, pre-filled with Temple-classes, and the classes that are already linked to library symbols in your current document.