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JSFL DialogWhile playing with JSFL and trying to create a faster interface for my name it right.jsfl I stumbled across a very interesting function inside JSFL. There is a powerful function called fl.getDocumentDOM().xmlPanel which shows dialogs using .xml-files. Actually you could use XUL (XML User Interface Language), which kinda looks like a mix of HTML and Flex. If you need a GUI for your JSFL script, you can open a nice custom dialog using XUL.

Handy Flash IDE tool: Name it right.jsfl (0)

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I have created a JSFL script for those who are using the Flash IDE a lot. Renaming movieclips over a timeline with motion-tweens cost a lot of time. Assigning and replacing classes to a certain movieclip could also be done faster, and mostly name of the symbol relates to the names on stage. I have created a 3-step wizard called ‘name it right!’, to speed up your everyday workflow. This command helps you to update a layer name, base class, symbol name and instances on the timeline very fast.