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Updated design – Cleaner and less ads (2)

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What a nice title! I have updated my blog design. No, there are no shocking new features, just a more fresh and cleaner design. Yes, it is still black and in the ‘stroep’-style, but I think it is really cleaner. I think it is important too keep improving, so I hope you like it. I added some nice icons in the sidebar and jQuery rollovers. I have added rounded corners (only shown in modern browsers) and I really think it makes the site more friendly, which should be a good thing 😉

Stroep – New design (1)

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Stroep v2

Almost 1 year since my first post. I already updated my blog to a newer Wordpress installation. But since my design was getting older, I was tired looking at it. It looks a little bit messy. I think the layout (top nav, left content, right sidebar) interacts nice; so I keep this layout. But the design was a little bit overdone and I was not totally happy and I hacked multiple times layout things to it. More browsers didn’t like my site anymore.