I created SMOLSKULL, a fully generative profile picture (PFP) project on fxhash. It gained love from artists and collectors on the fxhash website. SMOLSKULL is unique because it’s entirely created with code. The 2000 editions gradually sold out over weeks, giving early collectors a chance to own one. The project gained popularity as the 14th project on fxhash. It is now in the top 10 highest volume projects on the fxhash marketplace. Collectors prioritize aesthetics over rarity, choosing colors and expressions they like. SMOLSKULL represents the best of fxhash: generative art, NFT collecting, unique creativity, and I think its just a really fun “platform” to try things on.

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Some said owning a SMOLSKULL shows support for fxhash’s vision.

GREEN SMOLSKULL collected by Zancan

According to the community, popular traits include limebois, graygang, and 3D glasses. Combining gray skulls with 5-tier gradient eyes, called graydient, is highly sought after, especially with fire eyes. Clean black and white SMOLSKULLS, resembling The Punisher, are both common and cherished.

The SMOLSKULL community in the fxhash discord has over 1600 collectors and is a place for friends to connect and appreciate these artworks. SMOLSKULL is more than just a PFP project — it represents art, culture, and a shared passion for generative art.


SMOLSKULLs are NFTs (non-fungible tokens) available on the Tezos blockchain. Tezos is considered a “green” blockchain, as it has a significantly lower energy cost compared to proof-of-work blockchains. To collect SMOLSKULLs, you need a Tezos wallet and can visit the marketplace. When reselling a SMOLSKULL, 10% of royalties go to the artist, and 2.5% goes to the platform you’re buying from.


SMOLSKULLs are procedurally generated using JavaScript and do not involve JPEG files. They come in various colors and expressions. There are also multiple flavors; 2d, 3d, ASCII, text-based, patterns, flags. The community has given them informal names based on their features. All SMOLSKULLs are stored on the Tezos blockchain using the FA2 token standard, while the assets (HTML/JavaScript files) are stored on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).


There is no official roadmap, but new SMOLSKULLs-related projects may be introduced in the future.

typed text-based SMOLSKULL

Many SMOLSKULL products are also available

To create derivative SMOLSKULL projects, permission is required and can be obtained by contacting me (@mknol) on Twitter.

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