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Easing equation test tool (0)

, under JavaScript.

ease function tool I made a tool to write/test easing equation functions. It uses JavaScript syntax to evaluate the expression, which you can just type in. I found it helpful to test curves. I rolled out this one because I didn’t found a similar tool, most were Math or CSS related.

Generative art – wild.colorcurves (2)

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Feeling creative; created a new serie with wild but odd colors. It has a happy abstract smoke-like feeling. It is hard to create good ribbons, but now I have find out a new way I kinda like. When I was experimenting with my ‘curved series’ (previous post), I already had the engine. But in this serie I left the borders, left the fade and added better movement and connection between the lines. It’s getting better every time. The curves and movements are based on a perlin noise. It took a lot of time till I get these four. The engine was right, but I have to deal with randomness. Mostly it doesn’t work and sometimes it does and now I have this:

wild.colorcurve.02 wild.colorcurve.01

I’ve created this one at 6000 x 6000 px. What do you think of it? If you are interested to buy one, please contact me info[at]