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Lights and shadows experiment (6)

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Recently I found an interesting question on, about creating light and shadows in a 2D environment. I started experimenting with this to see how far I could take it. I love to share the results and some insides about this fun project.

FindClosest (7)

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findClosestWho follows me on twitter already noticed I’ve created a little app inspired by scribbler from zefrank. I also found another cool version of Mario Klingemann aka Quasimondo called scribblerToo. But the one where it all started is the javascript version of Mr.Doob. I wanted to try this in flash, and called it findClosest. It’s not such great as the other versions, but I really think there are some interesting things in here.

Saving images with AIR –
Create a wallpaper using AS3 only

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I’m experimenting with AIR, because I heard saving a ByteArray ( for example encoded PNG or JPG ) should be quite simple. You don’t need PHP or another serverside script for this, just write directly on you disk. Well, just check it out.

I created an example of how to get it work. The image will be save in the same directory as your AIR application.

Cool wallpaper created with AS3
Click the read-more button to find out how to create a cool AS3 wallpaper.