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Meet HaxeDevelop (0)

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HaxeDevelopThe FlashDevelop Team and the Haxe Foundation have joined forces to release a Haxe-specific version of FlashDevelop: HaxeDevelop. HaxeDevelop offers first class support for Haxe development: great and fast code completion & code generation, refactoring, projects compilation, debugging, plenty of project templates, etc.

HaxeDevelop can be downloaded here: (free + open source)

Create JSFL using Haxe (0)

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JSFL If you write a lot of JSFL scripts, it could be useful to have good code-completion. FlashDevelop has great Haxe support, and Haxe can compile to Javascript. JSFL is Javascript, so we can simply conclude you can create JSFL with Haxe out of the box, and have code completion on it.

Flex tutorial – Build a calculator (10)

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With Flex you can create applications. So, why not start creating a very simple application, like a calculator?

How does a calculator work, in my opinion? Simple: it just evaluates a string. But how can we evaluate a simple string like “1+1″ in AS3? I think we can’t, because eval() isn’t supported in actionscript 3. So I search on google, and found some solutions for it. But nothing really satisfied me. I don’t want to use PHP or another serverside script for evaluating strings, do you? So why not using a client side script, like javascript?

I want to share how I did this to you, and also the process of creating a calculator.