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Flashflowfactory as SWC (10)

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I am working very hard for the first release of flashflowfactory. There are lots of code tweaks and more improved documentation already. More about the framework and some introductions can be found in this earlier post. Now I really want to make it easy for lots of people. I already got some helpful tips from users/testers. So I am collecting everything that is needed to make it as usable as possible.

Chain Tween (3)

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ChainPrevious year I was working on a little class called Chain. Now I was already working at a updated version which could animate too (see this tweet from last year). Basically it has become a small tween engine. You have to know there are much better tween engines, like TweenLite, Tweener, eaze tween, gtween etc.. So you don’t need a new tween engine, and definitely not this one 🙂 I just love to share some thoughts.

Introducing flashflowfactory (4)

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I am a bit proud to present you my first own framework. This mini-framework for actionscript 3 helps you to easily setup a flash website. flashflowfactory makes use of SWFAddress for deeplinking and TweenLite for transitions.