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Hot AS3 art (1)

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It took a while to get the right feeling, but I’m very happy with the results. Generated with actionscript, colorized with Photoshop. Orginal render size is 4800×4800 px. It’s full of details!


hot.01 detail hot.02 detail


Generative art – sense or senseless? (4)

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Sometimes I don’t know what to think of generative art. I don’t know if these images I created could be called (or what ‘they’ called) art, or if they are just some other renders. Sometimes it feels nothing more than lines, colors. Some people who see it really love it, but at some moments I don’t know how to think about it.

senseless.colors.04 senseless.colors.06

But take a look at it, they have so many details (see the big sizes if you have a flickr account). I cannot count the lines, but can have a endless watch to see if there’s a message in it. A secret sign or something else I didn’t coded. How can such useless lines be that interesting? I don’t get it..

wire.move (5)

, under Generative art.

I just had an idea for a new generative render, so I started a some simple line tests. I calculated a motion-path. Click to read and see more!

wire.move color