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Process rendering Actionscript to PNG to Video (2)

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I’ve created a new video, and this one isn’t rendered like I said in the previous post (using flash > export movie > .mov), but I used the ImageSaver class every frame. I added an event listener to the class. So I started rendering frame 1. When frame 1 is completed, I call the save function. The ImageSaver class saves the images and dispatches an Event. When this Event.COMPLETE is being dispatched, I just render another frame. After rendering I call the save function again and wait till the Event.COMPLETE is being dispatched again. etcetera. 😉 Well, I think I’ve got my own mini-render engine. It works perfect for creating sequences of images (or just videos which use a lot of CPU or cannot be displayed at real-time). While rendering I counted the frames and stopped saving after 1000 frames.

So, now we can render more heavy effects and create videos, right? 🙂 In this video 1000 images are rendered by actionscript, using additive blending and a BlurFilter. The movements are based on a Perlin noise. Not very heavy, but when running it in the FlashPlayer, I’ve cannot reach more than 11fps. The full version is 800×600 with transparency, 30fps.

Yes, this video is created with actionscript

wire.move (5)

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I just had an idea for a new generative render, so I started a some simple line tests. I calculated a motion-path. Click to read and see more!

wire.move color