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Haxe Code Cookbook (0)

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haxeWe have been working on a new website which went live today: the Haxe Code Cookbook. It has categorized code snippets with additional explanations; small code tutorials and examples in a central place.

The Haxe Code Cookbook can be found here:

Biwise operations made easy with Haxe (6)

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haxeThis blogpost is about making bitwise operations in Haxe more easy. If you like doing micro optimization in your code, you probably want to use bitwise operations. But I found the main problem about bitwise operations is that they are hard to read.

Haxe Macros: Code completion for everything (7)

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haxe This post is about Haxe 3, providing us smarter code-completion. I dislike doing things manually. We are using a computer, so it should help us. I’d like to get warnings when I make mistakes or point to things that are removed.
In this post we create a class that gives autocompletion automagically based on files on disk, using Haxe macro scripting. This gives us development power, less error-prone code and small javascript output.

Javascript for AS3 developers (11)

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This article is some training for your JavaScript skills. I love Actionscript , and I am also starting to like JavaScript. HTML5 is an hot topic nowadays, and it seems using JavaScript is an important part of it, so why not learn more of it?