Evolutional generative art

Generative art

Evolutionary art is a branch of generative art where you use a iterative system of selection and  modification to arrive at a final generative artwork.

I did some evolutional generative art experiments using HTML5 (using Haxe/JavaScript). It draws a target image using “stamps” out of a different source image. Each drawing step gets compared using a fitness function to see if that stamp looks more to the target or not.

It can generate very interesting details. This one uses van Gogh’s Starry Night as input image:

This uses a sketchy looking tiger as input source. It works very well as pattern:

This also allows to create artwork that almost looks like it is actually painted. This one uses van Gogh’s Night over Rhone as input image:

I do want to keep playing with the brush, now I’ve used a circle brush which you can see. It would be nice to have something that blends a bit more.

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