Generative art

I just had an idea for a new generative render, so I started a some simple line tests. I calculated a motion-path. Around this path are moving multiple other sprites, that’s why we see a chain-like-line. Click to see high-res larger images (1200×1200 px)

wire.move wire.move test wire.move second wire.move

That looked nice to me. I modified the code, to add some colors to it and make a better composition. The first 2 are some test with color and borderwidth, so you could see the process.

wire.move test with color wire.move small wire.move color wire.move more color

wire.move color

I’m kinda happy with this result. Maybe I generate a 10.000×10.000 render of this one, so I could print it at large format.

5 responses to “wire.move”

  1. Jochem Toolenaar says:

    Mooi werk, ben zelf net begonnen met het leren van AS3 en het te gebruiken om kunst te creeren spreekt me erg aan, ik ga meteen zelf experimenteren.

  2. Mark Knol says:

    Zeker doen, blijf lekker experimenteren!

  3. @nnow says:

    I like it very much, i want to make that 2 but i cant ;(
    keep going nice art!

  4. nelsdrums says:

    I love fractal artwork, and yours is very unique. Have you considered creating an application out of your experiments so everyone can do this? Is it even possible?

  5. Mark Knol says:

    Hi nelsdrums,

    Take a look at http://www.stroep.nl, it’s a simple version of the experiments. You can upload a photo and try it yourself. When i have some time, i’ll create a bigger & larger version.

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