Generative art – The sky isn’t the limit

Generative art

We all love the sky. We make millions of pictures of it, because it different every second. It is inspirational, every time you look at is, whenever it is day or night. Inspired by the sky, which is a little bit gray in Holland right right now, I created these images. I actually love the color palette, there is a little winter and some spring feeling in it. 🙂

I did something different this time; there are some typographic elements added. Just a few words that describe the feeling I have when looking at it.. What do you think about adding text to it?

Created with actionscript. Render size: 10.000×10.000 px.

2 responses to “Generative art – The sky isn’t the limit”

  1. Kris says:

    Wow Mark! Very nice!
    10.000×10.000 px ?

  2. Mark Knol says:

    Hi Kris! Yes, I use that size for large size quality printing.

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