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Quick post, this time no Flash but a Photoshop and Illustrator action that saves me a lot of time. 🙂 First of all, I don’t use slides in Photoshop and Illustrator, but often I just make a selection, copy/paste that in a new window and then press ctrl-alt-shift-s to ‘save for the web’. I am doing this a lot of times when slicing objects. Since a while now I use an action for that. I hope this will help you too work faster. Key thing you have to remember is to create a selection and press F2..

It automatically does the copy/new/paste+’save for the web’+close for you.

* Download Photoshop-action
* Download Illustrator-action

ps. You can install the action by dragging the .atm / .aia file to the actions-panel 🙂

13 responses to “Quick action – save selection for the web”

  1. sebo says:

    Hi, this sounds very useful, i am also doing this many times each day. But the link to the action seems broken – could you have a look at that? Thanks!


  2. Mark Knol says:

    The link is fixed now 🙂

  3. Wow, this is one of those “why have I not done this myself?” things. I do this same action numerous times throughout the day. I use actions all the time, but for some reason this never occurred to me. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Julian says:

    Thanks so much, this will save me a lot of time.

  5. Leigh says:

    Wow, this is one of the handiest things I’ve found for Photoshop in recent years. And yet so simple! Thanks a lot 🙂

  6. Jesse says:

    When you’re using a macbook you could change the key to F13 for direct acces without having to press the FN key on your keyboard.

  7. You made me smile from happiness. Many thanks and all the best!

  8. You are a terrific person and should be given a medal. This is most useful.

  9. Bob says:

    You Sir, made my work alot easier! *thumbsup*

  10. Brilliant! Thanks for this! =)

  11. Desiree says:

    Thank you SOOO much for this action!!! You are making my workflow so much faster!

  12. hehe says:

    it’s 2013 but I still find this tips is so useful!! thanks a lot Mark!

  13. Teddy says:

    Been using this for years and Photoshop still hasn’t caught up to this super convenient, one button action. Best time-saver ever!

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