fun challenge: break the code


I found this challenge from my colleague who rocks on hack-contests. It cracked my mind, but I thought it was fun to create a mini contest on my blog too. Just to check how smart my lovely readers are!
All you have to do is break the code and find the secret key.

Break this code!


Hint: uppercase seems legit.

Can you find it? Post the answer + the time you spend on it in the comments below.

4 responses to “fun challenge: break the code”

  1. Filippo says:

    The hint is ABSOLUTELY misleading…

  2. Mark says:

    .. so you know the answer!?

  3. Ercan says:

    I was playing with numbers. Then i searched a number 1717162949 which means secret. I said I hope i will find somebody thinks that before then i come here. But i think i’m late a bit 😀
    Nevermind i found in a minute which is past for typing 🙂 The answer is
    hello you found the secret key str0ep
    I don’t get the last one. Which was bigger than 32bit but also tried with long but result was the same.

  4. Mark says:

    Haha nice! You’re still on time, since there is no time limit. And congrats, you are the only one who cracked the code! Stroep is the name of the site. 🙂

    Wow, after all these years!

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