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Hyper cache – cache and compression (0)

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Hyper cache pluginI installed the ‘Hyper cache‘-plugin yesterday. It minifies my output-html and posts are saved as static files on the server and the plugin enables gzip-compression. It automatically clears cache and starts over after one day. I don’t like to promote shit, but this plugin rocks! 😀

Updated Blog to WordPress 2.8 (0)

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Since I’ve never updated my blog; Today was the day. Now I use Wordpress 2.8 too. It took half an hour to backup my old files and setup the new one, so it was easier than I thought. The admin looks great!

Update: Messed comments fixed (1)

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Good news, the comments are fixed now. Some comments I had to fix manualy, they are reposted again to the right post. I guess the problem appeared when I used the ‘related post’ script in my single post page. Luckily has already created a nice solution (found it via Google), so thanks guys.

Flickr bug (1)

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Sorry guys, something is wrong with the images from flickr. They just randomly give me the message ‘this photo is currently unavailable’. I hope this is temporary and flickr fixes this soon.. I have no clue what’s going on..

Better and Faster documentation with ‘Doc?’ (1)

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Doc? is a free desktop Application, made entirely in FLEX & AIR. Doc? allows you to view your Flash documentation outside of Flash. This enables you to view, search and bookmark your documentation a lot faster than you could with the built in Flash support.

Doc? is a free application. To make using Doc? even more pleasant, the creators of Doc? created some plugins for Flash CS3/CS4 and Eclipse.

I know there are people working on for a nice FlashDevelop support (I really love FD 🙂 ), but I’m impressed by the easiness of the app. It really works fast and looks clean. It’s also a feature to add ASdocs. So mostly every (flash-)documentation can be added.