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Generative art – The sky isn’t the limit (2)

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We all love the sky. We make millions of pictures of it, because it different every second. It is inspirational, every time you look at is, whenever it is day or night. Inspired by the sky, which is a little bit gray in Holland right right now, I created these images. I actually love the color palette, there is a little winter and some spring feeling in it. 🙂

I did something different this time; there are some typographic elements added. Just a few words that describe the feeling I have when looking at it.. What do you think about adding text to it?

Generative art – Behind the lines (0)

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Some older work. I used mouse gestures to control global linepath. I created multiple of these one, but the others aren’t interesting enough to post. Sometimes there is just one of a whole serie the best. Hope you like it.

Generative art – wild.colorcurves (2)

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Feeling creative; created a new serie with wild but odd colors. It has a happy abstract smoke-like feeling. It is hard to create good ribbons, but now I have find out a new way I kinda like. When I was experimenting with my ‘curved series’ (previous post), I already had the engine. But in this serie I left the borders, left the fade and added better movement and connection between the lines. It’s getting better every time. The curves and movements are based on a perlin noise. It took a lot of time till I get these four. The engine was right, but I have to deal with randomness. Mostly it doesn’t work and sometimes it does and now I have this:

wild.colorcurve.02 wild.colorcurve.01

I’ve created this one at 6000 x 6000 px. What do you think of it? If you are interested to buy one, please contact me info[at]

Generative curved series (0)

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New experiments with movements, curves, lines and perlin noise. Most movements are created using this function (this is pseudo code)

sprite.point1.x += ( -128 + / 5;
sprite.point1.y += ( -128 + / 5;

noiseColor is the colorvalue of getPixel() from the perlin noise.


ribbon.leaf-06 ribbon.leaf-02
ribbon.leaf-07 ribbon.curve-10

Some curves with gradient fills and 2 different stroke sizes. I found in the Matrix-class a createGradientBox() function, witch actually is a very cool and handy function. The colors are based on photos with cool colors, this gives a nice natural look.

curves-354247508 curves-90797965

Hot AS3 art (1)

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It took a while to get the right feeling, but I’m very happy with the results. Generated with actionscript, colorized with Photoshop. Orginal render size is 4800×4800 px. It’s full of details!


hot.01 detail hot.02 detail


Generative art – sense or senseless? (4)

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Sometimes I don’t know what to think of generative art. I don’t know if these images I created could be called (or what ‘they’ called) art, or if they are just some other renders. Sometimes it feels nothing more than lines, colors. Some people who see it really love it, but at some moments I don’t know how to think about it.

senseless.colors.04 senseless.colors.06

But take a look at it, they have so many details (see the big sizes if you have a flickr account). I cannot count the lines, but can have a endless watch to see if there’s a message in it. A secret sign or something else I didn’t coded. How can such useless lines be that interesting? I don’t get it..