Multi platform fun (4)

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haxe-flash My life as Flashdeveloper changed. For some Flash is already dead since ages, but for me it’s an important part of my fulltime job. In the meanwhile I start to like Haxe and will share some thoughts on Flash, and the workflow of two mobile projects build with Haxe / Flambe.

Generative art: Garden (2)

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garden.02 It’s been a while, but I got some new inspiration to create some new arts. Generative arts keeps triggering me, so I started with a fresh new engine. It’s the same engine as I used for the faces of the previous two posts.

fun challenge: break the code (4)

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I found this challenge from my colleague who rocks on hack-contests. It cracked my mind, but I thought it was fun to create a mini contest on my blog too. All you have to do is break the code and find the secret key.