Create JSFL using Haxe (0)

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JSFL If you write a lot of JSFL scripts, it could be useful to have good code-completion. FlashDevelop has great Haxe support, and Haxe can compile to Javascript. JSFL is Javascript, so we can simply conclude you can create JSFL with Haxe out of the box, and have code completion on it.

Haxe Macros: Code completion for everything (7)

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haxe This post is about Haxe 3, providing us smarter code-completion. I dislike doing things manually. We are using a computer, so it should help us. I’d like to get warnings when I make mistakes or point to things that are removed.
In this post we create a class that gives autocompletion automagically based on files on disk, using Haxe macro scripting. This gives us development power, less error-prone code and small javascript output.

Flash productivity tools: Random instance swapper (0)

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random instance swapWhile approaching the deadline of House of Anubis (game), MediaMonks needed a tool that helps with randomizing tiles. The levels has a huge amount of walls and tiles in it’s library, since it is build in Flash with MovieClips on stage. For the quick win, this simple tool allowed to randomize selected clips on stage with a selection from our library. Of course; to refine it, you’ll need more than just a MovieClip swapping tool, but we love to share this tool with you anyway in case you need it.